Making your dreams come true

The BECOMING Method™ series week 6 of 8. This week we’re going to move on to the I in the BECOMING Method -  Intention - fearless pursuit of your dreams.

Focusing on what we really want helps us avoid wasting time on the things that don’t matter very much. 

By this time, you:

- know where you’re starting from

- have determined your areas of improvement/opportunity

- know what energizes and drains you

- what makes you feel amazing

- know what makes you unique

- know what matters most to you


If you’re just joining me, you can check out the previous weeks here:

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And you can download the Life Balance Tool here.


Let's jump in!

We only get one life and we want to make it count. As we get older and make more time for the things that matter most to us, we also want to be clear on the things we don't enjoy and don't want to take part in.


Think back over your values, successes, gifts, insecurities, things that are fun or meaningful, your work from last week. What is missing? What would you still like to see, do, experience?


Start your Bucket List, or if you already have one started, pull it out and review it.  Does anything need to be moved to your Reverse Bucket List? Are there things that you have decided just aren’t important to you anymore? Go to to download a bucket list template and further guidance. Some categories to get you started include:


  • Adventure
  • Creativity 
  • Entertainment 
  • Financial
  • Food and Drink
  • Health and Fitness
  • Nature
  • People - famous, friends, family
  • Personal Development
  • Professional Accomplishments
  • Philanthropy 
  • Travel - sites, states, countries, etc


Keep in mind that none of this has to be extravagant or expensive. Think about experiences that you’ve seen in movies or heard people talk about  - the ones that make you think, “Well that sounds kinda cool.”  The only limits are your imagination! 


A few of my simple bucket list items are:


  • Dancing in the rain
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Making a snowman
  • Iceskating
  • Swimming with the dolphins

 Some of them are more specific:

  • Having a church wedding - and it’s going to happen in a little over a year!
  • Sitting on a particular rock on a particular beach talking about a particular subject with my husband.  Oh yeah, at sunset. I have had the picture on my vision board for years. 


There are lots of places I want to visit and things that I want to see and do, but the reality is, most of them are just icing on the cake. And that’s the beauty of the Reverse Bucket List that we worked on in week 2. 


When we get clear on what we have experienced already, and on what matters most to us, the rest isn’t quite as necessary. And as an added benefit, it helps to really shed light on the things that we want to see, do, or have that really DO matter a lot to us - and that allows us to focus on how to make them a reality. 


I'd love to hear about what fun - or meaningful - things you add to your bucket list! DM me on Instagram at

 Next week we’re going to dive into week 7 - Needs - what is missing from your life ... body, mind, and spirit

And if you’re ready to go deeper into any of these areas, check out ways to work with me further at

Until next time, take a deep breath or two and never stop becoming the best version of YOU.

I am also always open to suggestions and show ideas, and want to collaborate with other like-minded individuals, so feel free to reach out to me at


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