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The BECOMING Method™ series week 3 of 8.

Life is hectic - and we can be so busy taking care of everyone else's needs that we lose sight of who we are.

Check out these simple yet effective tips for getting in touch with what makes you so amazing - fast!

By this time, you:

- know where you’re starting from

- have determined your areas of improvement/opportunity

- know what energizes and drains you

- know how to feel more confident

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 Ok, let's dive in...

When you think about who you are, you likely think about your name and the roles you play - your occupation, your family roles, the things you do

But you’re more than that.  

You are a unique individual with genetic makeup and gifts and talents and hopes and dreams that are specific to YOU. As a Jesus follower, I believe that this is part of God’s plan.  

For you created my inmost being;

you knit me together in my mother’s

womb. I praise you because I am

fearfully and wonderfully made; your

works are wonderful, I know that full


Psalms 139:13-14

But even if we’re just looking at it from a scientific, biological perspective, there is no one exactly like us. 


We can forget how special we are. That doesn’t mean we have to think of ourselves as better than anyone else, just that we understand that all of the things that make me ME also make me different from you.  

And when we celebrate and appreciate those differences, it can be wonderful to learn from and grow with each other.

"We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light." Mary Dunbar

Here are two simple ways to dive into what makes us special:

  1. Think back to when you were young - Some of us can have difficulty with coming up with what is unique about ourselves.  We can be so busy caring for others that we forget our own needs, wants, and desires. Thinking back to what we loved to do, hated to do, did well, or could do for hours as a child is a great starting point for exploring our characteristics and gifts
  2. Reach out to others - ask close friends, family members, co-workers, and even social media friends to describe you using 3 different words.  Hearing how we are seen by others can be very enlightening!


We’re often our own worst critics, and it can be fun to see the good that others see in us.  

 Caution: If you are someone who does not have a very supportive or positive circle, please avoid this exercise, or choose the people you reach out to carefully. While we want this to be an open and honest reflection of how we are viewed, there are some people who just want to tear others down.  We all have good qualities and this is meant to highlight those.  

 See how the two lists (both from your own thoughts and work and the responses you receive from others) compare to each other. What things do they have in common? What surprises you about what others see?


"Strength lies in differences, not in similarities." Stephen R. Covey


I don’t know where this story originated, but it spoke to me, so thought I’d share it.

A father said to his daughter “You have graduated with honors, here is a car I bought many years ago. It is pretty old now. But before I give it to you, take it to the used car lot downtown and tell them I want to sell it and see how much they offer you for it.”

The daughter went to the used car lot, returned to her father, and said, “They offered me $1,000 because they said it looks pretty worn out.”

The father said, now “Take it to the pawnshop.” The daughter went to the pawnshop, returned to her father, and said, “The pawnshop offered only $100 because it is an old car.”

The father asked his daughter to go to a car club now and show them the car. The daughter then took the car to the club, returned, and told her father, “Some people in the club offered $100,000 for it because “it's an iconic car and sought by many collectors.”

Now the father said this to his daughter, “The right place values you the right way,” If you are not valued, do not be angry, it means you are in the wrong place. Those who know your value are those who appreciate you......Never stay in a place where no one sees your value. #knowyourworth


Next week we’re going to dive into week 5 - Meaning - what would make your life feel significant? And if you’re ready to go deeper into any of these areas, check out ways to work with me further at

Until next time, take a deep breath or two and never stop becoming the best version of YOU.

 I am also always open to suggestions and show ideas, and want to collaborate with other like-minded individuals, so feel free to reach out to me at


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