Sometimes you need to be self-centered


When we are surrounded by chaos and uncertainty, it can feel selfish to focus on ourselves, but I believe that’s exactly where we need to start.

I had a question posed to me - if I had a magic wand and could change anything, what would it be? I said that I would be able to focus and prioritize quickly and consistently. And compared to some of the other women’s answers, which were more focused on global or seemingly magical things, my response could have felt self-centered or too small.

But even after further reflection, I wouldn't change my answer. Here's why.

I believe that I have a mission and a purpose for being here on this earth and to live out that purpose I need to be very focused and intentional, which does not come easily for me.  But one of the women present during this conversation in our Healing Circle yesterday labeled what I was describing as "causing a ripple in your own pond". Even the smallest stone will cause ripples that can leave a lasting impression. Things that may seem selfish, and may seem small, can still have a very big impact in our own lives and the lives of those closest to us. And who’s to say that those ripples won’t continue to spread?
When life outside of our own front door seems hectic, stressful, scary, and unfriendly, we can allow this to paralyze us or we can take the opportunity to do some inner work. If you're not sure where to start, check this out. Here are some tips:
  • We can figure out what we need and go after it.
  • We can determine what is missing, and
  • what we have too much of, and
  • what skills we are lacking.
  • And we can grow.
Taking even small steps can remind us that we have power that we may have forgotten. We have the power to make changes to our thoughts, feelings, and actions. And maybe we can inspire others to do the same.
My magic wand wish was for better focus and prioritization skills.  While I don’t have a magic wand, I do have knowledge and resources that can help me in those areas. 
So I am setting myself up for success by single-tasking instead of multi-tasking (which I often attempt to do even though it has been proven over and over to be ineffective) and by prioritizing my action items daily so that I can quit wasting time and brainpower trying to decide what to do next.  
And I'm going for walks when I feel stressed and overwhelmed and like there isn't enough time. Being in nature reminds me of the balance of things and that even when I'm not in control, beautiful things can happen.

And in doing those simple things, I am making ripples in my pond that will allow me to be more productive and to better meet the needs of those I feel privileged to serve. 

This can work for you too.  When you’re feeling overwhelmed, stop and take a few deep breaths.  Just BE for a moment.  Then get out of your head and move to your heart.
  • What comes up for you?
  • What are you feeling?
  • What ripples can you make in your own pond?
  • What can you do THIS WEEK that will make a difference?

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