How I prep for travel without getting stressed

Becoming YOUR Best with Jenny Lytle, RN
How I prep for travel without getting stressed

How I prep for travel without getting stressed

A little planning ahead can make it so much easier. 

I have traveled more in the past few years than I ever have, and I’ve gotten a bit better at preparing for it overall. 

I’m getting ready for an amazing trip to Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island, Georgia!  I’m going for a 2-day conference, but extending it into a week-long anniversary celebration with my husband.  And I am totally looking forward to it! 

But … there’s the getting ready for it part. I know I have some friends who start packing weeks before trips.  Me? Not so much. 

On the rare occasions when I’ve done that, it’s like when I start shopping too early for Christmas - I forget where I put things, and I end up buying way too much.  Combine that with everyday busyness, and I usually start packing a day or so before (or the day of, but that’s rare). 

I’m leaving my almost...

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3 simple steps to turn negative self-talk around quickly

Becoming YOUR Best with Jenny Lytle, RN
3 simple steps to turn negative self-talk around quickly

3 simple steps to turn negative self-talk around quickly

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right. - Henry Ford

We talk about the power of positive thinking, but what if that feels fake? It’s not about a Pollyanna view or ignoring that bad things happen. For me, it’s believing that things will all work out. As a Jesus follower, I believe what he said in John 16:33:

33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, you can benefit from these 3 simple steps to turning your negative self-talk around.

1. Be aware of it

Sometimes the non-stop mental chatter that we all have becomes so normal that we don’t even think about it. Simply tuning in and noticing what you’re saying to yourself can be a big eye-opener.  And do this without judgment. 

Consider if what you’re...

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4 simple steps to decluttering your home

4 simple steps to decluttering your home

Here’s the bad news. You can’t organize clutter. 

Clutter. Whether you have a lot or a little, it can be tough to get rid of it. Or maybe for you, it’s not hard to get started, but then you find yourself surrounded by piles in various stages of cleanout that seem even more overwhelming than when they were shoved away somewhere. 

So what is the natural inclination? Shove it all back where it came from, or even worse, leave it out in piles and feel the guilt and shame of not being able to “get it together”.  

Beating yourself up isn’t going to help. But neither is being in denial.

The example below may be extreme compared to your situation. I hope it is. Either way, the principles are the same. 

My mom was a hoarder.  She was a genuinely amazingly giving, loving, caring person.  She would give anything to and do anything for anyone.  Except for herself. ...

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7 simple steps for a clean home, fast

7 simple steps for a clean home, fast.  

This week, we're going to talk about something that you may not really think of as related to self-care.  The degree to which it affects you may vary, but we’re all impacted by it to some extent.  It’s our physical space. 

Issues with our physical space can lead to:

  • increased stress
  • decreased motivation 
  • wasted money
  • lost sleep
  • bills that are late
  • overdue library books
  • school papers not turned in on time 
  • always feeling behind 
  • and so much more! 

How our environment looks and feels to us can help or hinder our mood and our goals. The visual and physical messes and the feelings that can bring up can be dramatic. When we have piles on our desks or on our countertops or just general clutter, it can definitely increase our stress and decrease our motivation because it can feel very overwhelming, and it can make us feel like we’re failing, especially if we're already stressed. Of...

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Two simple techniques for focusing on what matters most to you


Two simple techniques for focusing on what matters most to you

Since we are well into the spring season (and it’s finally starting to feel like spring) this is a perfect time to revisit the Life Balance Tool, also known as the Wheel of Life. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s simple yet very useful when you know that you're wanting to make some positive changes in your life but you’re not sure exactly where to start. This allows you to look at each area individually instead of lumping everything together. Of course, you can still choose to work on the area that feels most right to you, but sometimes just being able to see things in black and white can make the decision easier. You can get your copy of the tool at

Once you use the tool and decide which area you want to focus on first, it can still feel overwhelming if you try to make massive changes all at once, although if I’m honest, that is my natural inclination....

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3 simple steps to changing your life

As you likely know, you can't get what you want without some effort. 

Lately, I've been thinking about the importance of action. I feel like so much attention is given to goal setting, dreaming bigger, consistency, and planning but the reality is without action none of it ends up giving us the results that we're looking for. I can have an amazing plan and even review it often but without action, I'm not going to get what I really want.  This applies to consistency as well. I was on a Faith Activated call the other day and a question that was asked was, “Do you have trouble with consistency?” of course a lot of people said yes. The coach  challenged that, saying basically, “You don't have a problem with consistency, you have a problem with consistently taking the action that's going to get you what you want.”

It really got me thinking about all of this. In many ways, I have thought of consistency as being the “magic” ingredient, but...

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I wish I could, but I don’t have time


I wish I could, but I don’t have time.

What do you want and need to be focused on?

It can be hard to recognize our own needs. Sometimes we can be so in the habit of just going through the motions and doing all of the things that we need to do on a day-to-day basis that we don't have the time or energy to think about what it is that we really want or need. 

And that can end up leading to a vague feeling of boredom, or “is this all there is”? And, oftentimes, we rationalize that by thinking, 

“Well, I'm just so busy right now. And as soon as (fill in the blank) is over, then things will settle down.” 

But here's the thing. Things don't really “just settle down” without intentionality.

Life is busy and isn't going to get less busy on its own. In fact, the opposite is likely to happen.

So if we're not very, very careful, it sneaks up on us even when we have started making progress. There's always something else to watch,...

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The first step to lasting change - knowing where you are now

The BECOMING Method series week one - Baseline

Over the next 8 weeks, I’m going to walk you through my BECOMING Method™ 
  • a systematic approach based on the nursing process (assess, diagnose, plan, implement, evaluate), my coaching education, my personal journey, and my work with clients
  • designed to deliver the transformation you desire, as quickly and simply as possible
  • we work together to determine:
    • where you are
    • where you want to go
    • how you're going to get there 

For this first week, we're going to start off with Baseline. 

Where are you now? And what's most important to you?

We can't change what we don't acknowledge.

So let's take a look at how things are now: the good, the bad, and the ugly. No guilt or shame. Just an honest assessment.

It's easy to want to jump in and start thinking about all of the things that we want to be different, but lasting change and true transformation take some intentionality.

One of my mentors refers to...

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Overwhelmed by goal-setting for the new year? Do this instead!  

Ready to start the new year off with a bang, but New Year's resolutions don't feel like the right idea? These 2 steps will help you even if goal-setting isn't your thing. 


The reality is, goals are amazing and important.  But sometimes it can also feel overwhelming to try to put together a plan to achieve things that you have a hard time really even imagining are possible for yourself. Start with a review of 2021 so that you can celebrate, learn, and adjust, and then envision what you want your life to look like.

If you have been working through the “Best Year Ever” 5-day challenge, you've likely already at least started on these two exercises. And if you didn’t join in, no worries - you can still get the info delivered over a 5 day period - starting as soon as you register.  

Even if you didn’t work through the whole goal-setting plan, here’s what I hope you’ll take the time to do:

1. Fill out the Four Helpful...

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Consistency is the key to success

But knowing yourself makes it even better.

I recently celebrated three months of consistent daily activity. 

The parameters I set for myself (using my Fitbit for tracking)

  • at least 10,000 steps 
  • at least 20 to “active“ minutes according to Fitbit
  • 30 minutes of intentional movement - walking, running, dancing, indoor workouts - can be divided into more than one session if needed

I had been doing this sporadically but decided to get more consistent starting May 1.

I know that fr me, and likely for you, things that I do daily impact me more than the things I do every now and then. 

It has been hot a lot of the time, and I am not a big fan of heat. Some days it has rained nonstop and I’ve had to get more creative. 

Ideally, I like to walk and I like to do it in nature. At least once or twice a week I try to go to a nearby park with walking trails because it is more shaded, and because I love to hear and smell and see the sounds in nature and take...

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