The Caring for the Caregiver Membership Community is for you if ....

  • You help take care of others, but sometimes feel like you don’t know what you’re doing
  • You don’t want to complain, you just want to feel more comfortable and confident
  • You don’t even know if you’re asking the right questions
  • You’d love to have access to resources, to know who to reach out to with questions
  • You crave connection with others who are in or have been in your situation
  • Maybe you’re a previous caregiver and wish you would have had access to more during your time - you can serve as a great resource for others!
  • Maybe you’re entering the caregiving phase - come connect with others who are farther along and can offer you help and insight
  • Maybe you’re in the thick of it and want to know you’re doing the right things, the best way
  • What if I'm not a caregiver?
    • But aren’t you, really? Do you find yourself putting the needs of others above your own?
      • Boss, coworkers
      • Children, spouse, parents, grandparents, grandkids
      • Church
      • Community or volunteer organizations
      • and so many others!

And you do it all out of love and a desire to help - but you know deep down that you'd be able to do it all better if you had more time, energy, and know-how. Here's how to get all of that!

What you get:

    • Facebook live coaching/teaching monthly starting in January
    • Spotlight monthly with specialty partners to give you the answers and support you need
    • Weekly topics based on what you tell me you need most
    • and most importantly, a community of others that get it!

You're the first to hear about this. As founding members, you will receive a deep discount, and even more importantly, play a huge part in shaping the future of the program.

  • full launch price will be $27/month, which is less than $1/day
  • But right now, it's even better!
    • Introductory price $53/ for the first 3 months (averages just $17.67/month), then just $19/month as long as your membership doesn’t lapse
    • the first 5 members get a one-on-one 30 min call with me to let me know what you need the most

Click here to join at the low Founding Member price!