A few of my favorite things...

That might soon be YOUR favorite things!

Products, books, movies, websites, apps ..... and more!

  • I am sharing because...
  • you might want to try them
  • you will get to know me better
  • you might share some of your faves in return, which might become some of MY faves!
  • there is no rhyme or reason to the order right now - I'm just adding as things pop into my head
  • I may receive a commission - I will make it clear with an asterisk (*) if that is the case, and I will NEVER recommend something that I don't love.

* I receive a commission if you purchase from this link - you do NOT pay anything extra.

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Things I use regularly...

Books - impactful or just fun...

Websites, apps, & places...

  • Trader Joe's - love the coffee and basil plants!
  • Aldi - my go-to for canned goods and staples
  • Tomato Timer - keeps me focused
  • Google Calendar - my appointments on the go
  • Gmail - easy, free
  • Trello - sorting ideas and projects, I use the free version
  • Todoist - daily to-do's, free
  • Hoopla Digital - library perk (see if yours is a member - great for ebooks, audiobooks, movies, music), free
  • Evernote - a great way to store ideas, available across platforms , I use the free version
  • the local library - if you don't have a card, get one!
  • CinchShare - post scheduling and training for social media; I am an affiliate - free trial, $10/month after
  • TurboScan - scan from your phone, save as pic or PDF - good quality, easy, free
  • YouVersion Bible app - multiple translations and studies; free
  • Marco Polo - fun video app for connecting with friends and family; I use the free version
  • Fitbit - use with Fitbit products
  • My Fitness Pal - I use it to track my intake - I've got a big appetite and it keeps me focused; I use the free version
  • Map My Run - tracks distance, route, time, calories; I use the free version
  • Amazon Music - I use the part that is included with Prime
  • Amazon Prime - free 2-day shipping on most things; priceless :) (okay, $119/yr)
  • Zoom - video conferencing; free version allows 40 min calls
  • Audible - audiobook subscription - I use it intermittently; $14.99/month and up
  • EnergyUp.co - fitness and health program - very positive, no equipment required, can all be done at home and modified if needed; free (with paid upgrade available)
  • Flylady.net - need help getting your housework under control? Life-changing! - free
  • Refit - workouts that don't feel like workouts, just dancing fun!
  • Scribd - my new favorite reading app! Tons of audiobooks, ebooks, and so much more! Here's a free 60-day trial!

TV, movies & music...

  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Breaking Bad
  • Jeopardy
  • Brooklyn 99
  • The Middle


  • Caprese salads = summer to me!
  • seltzer water - plain or naturally flavored, unsweetened - helps with Coke / other soda cravings
  • big yummy salads
  • creme brulee
  • flavored balsamic vinegars and olive oils
  • pizza

Random misc...

  • Coming soon!