YOU are the best!

Uncategorized May 18, 2020

Start loving yourself, your authentic self

Do you look in the mirror and focus on your flaws and imperfections?

What about who you are deep down inside? What’s that voice in your head saying when you start to dream, when you start to think, “what if I tried….”?

What makes you unique? Are you trying to change it or playing it up?

There is only one amazing YOU!

What if you decided to love yourself no matter what? To continue to improve the things that matter the most to you, but accept yourself for who you are throughout the journey? To see yourself with eyes of grace and love, the way you might see a small child who is trying so hard but struggling….you wouldn’t berate the child, telling her to give up or that she isn’t worth it. You would encourage her, reminding her of the progress she is making, no matter how small or slow.

(And if you have been that small child, and you have been berated in this way, know that I am so sorry. And you...

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New Year, New You

Dreams for the New Year

What do you dream about? If nothing comes to mind immediately please, please stop and take a few minutes to think about that. Dreams give us purpose and they can move us forward when we are tired, when we just don’t feel it.

For the past year or so I have been working part-time on building my coaching business, working around my regular nursing jobs, my anti-aging/health and wellness business, and some newer crafty endeavors. Here is a recap of some things that I have discovered throughout my own journey:
· people crave connection
· fear holds a lot of us back
· prioritizing ourselves is rare
· small changes can make a huge impact

Let’s dig into these a little more.

We are “connected” 24/7 via technology, but many people that I talk to report feeling like their real support system is small or nonexistent. I personally love technology in general and social media...
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Why I am better than you

Why I am better than you...

I recently turned 44. The funny thing is, I had thought that I was 44 for most of the year that I was 43, so it was a relief to finally be the right age! I’m not sure why I had to stop and think about it, but every time age came up I had to take a moment and do the math. I know some people struggle with getting older, and there is a part of me that wishes I had my 20-something body (and metabolism!) but overall I wouldn’t trade the younger me for the current me. My 40’s have been the best so far, and I fully expect it to keep getting better. I still have a bikini pic from about 15 years ago to encourage me to dream big (or small), but when I look at this younger version of me, I feel bad for her. I am able to tell her “I am better than you”. You see, she really struggled. She always felt like she didn’t measure up, like she was not quite good enough, a little too heavy (she wasn’t), a little too loud, a little/lot...

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