Episode 25

3 simple steps to turn negative self-talk around quickly

Episode 24

Stress effects on the body - it snuck up on me!

Episode 23

4 simple steps to decluttering your home

Episode 22

7 simple steps for a clean home, fast

Episode 21

Focusing on what matters most to you

Episode 20

3 simple steps to changing your life

Episode 19

7 pro tips for taking charge of your health

Episode 18

I wish I could, but I just don't have time

Episode 17

Riding the waves of grief without going under

Episode 16

How to fit in self-care when you lack the time and energy

Episode 15

Prioritizing what matters most to YOU.

Episode 14

What do you really love doing?

Episode 13

Making your dreams come true

Episode 12

What really matters - and how to figure it out

Episode 11

Only YOU - what makes you so special

Episode 10

Boost your confidence quickly - here's how

Episode 9

What energizes you - and what drains you

Episode 8

The first step to lasting change - knowing where you are now

Episode 7

Ask and you shall receive - why to ask for what you want

Episode 6

Turn off the autopilot to live an intentional, amazing life.

Episode 5

Overwhelmed by goal-setting? Do this instead!

Episode 4

"Best Year Ever" - live with intentionality.

Episode 3

Life a mess? See what's working - and what's not.

Episode 2

No time for self-care? This episode is for you.

Episode 1

My why - and the importance of getting the self-care thing right