Are you living YOUR best life? If not, read on...

  • Do you feel like your life isn't all that you had planned?

  • Maybe you have a "good" life - friends, family, a good career, a home, financial security, and yet....

  • You know the roles you play but have you lost your sense of who you really are, at a deep level?

  • Maybe you just feel like something is missing.

  • You find yourself wondering...Is this all there is?


What if you had the support and encouragement you deserve for:

  • Defining what is most important to you

  • Creation of small actions steps

  • Healthier lifestyle

  • Improved self-confidence

  • Identifying  strengths and challenges

  • Improved mindset and outlook

  • Habit change

  • Focus and clarity regarding goals, both personal and professional

  • Assistance with work/life balance

  • Accountability

  • Improved relationships

  • Improved communication skills

  • Book a consultation today to find the answers you’ve been seeking.

Past Client Experiences

Read past client reviews to discover how Becoming YOUR Best with Jenny Lytle RN has helped to transform lives. Women just like you have found the answers inside themselves through skillful listening and questioning. Click here to book your free initial consultation today.

I did coaching sessions with Jenny and she is excellent! She really helped me with my confidence and people skills. I love how she uses real life examples and does a recap during the next session. She has your best interest and just like her business name, she wants you to become your best! I highly recommend anyone to do coaching sessions with Jenny!


A little bit about Jenny

I am so glad you're here and can't wait to get to know you!

I am a 40-something happily married wife and mom, born and raised in Indiana.  My life's purpose has always been to help people, although the exact path has varied a bit. I am blessed to do that now as a coach, a nurse, and in several other fun ways! 

I believe that God has us all here for a purpose, and while it's not just to have fun, I believe there is too much life to be lived to just sit along the sidelines being miserable.  With a little time and effort we can make the most of our one and only lives here on earth. 


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